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Posted on Mar 3 2016 - 11:53am by Sharpe Trade

Sharpe Trade, LLC stresses reason, rationality, and balance when involved with investing and trading the capital markets.

But at the same time, we firmly believe that if someone is in love with investing and trading the markets, they can take control of their life and move their life forward by choosing finance as a career; regardless of who they are or their circumstances in life.  Provided, they stop listening to nonsense, and start listening to people with a track record that demonstrates they know what they are talking about.  And they must exercise patience, and perseverance.  A willingness to ‘grind it out‘.

There seems to be a popular message being perpetrated by many today, that you are somehow ‘stuck’ because of the circumstances in which you find yourself.   It appears they love to present the world in a very ‘black and white’ format.  That there is no way forward for the individual, and ‘structural issues within the economy’ prohibit people from moving their lives forward successfully.  They generally spend all of their time on ‘Zerohedge’ (or as I call it, ‘Zero-Hope’ or as another trader referred to it:  ‘Zero-Edge’), fondling their ‘doom porn’ predilections.   Without even realizing that they are allowing social media algorithms that review and suggest websites to visit, are in fact kindling their own psychological and emotional biases.  And so they wait for a handout.  They don’t even make the attempt to better their situation. 

We don’t like that concept.

Can anyone become an  intra-day directional trader?  Possibly not.  To become a successful intra-day trader requires patience, perseverance and an ability to grind that some people just do not possess.   So perhaps they would do better as a non-directional trader.  Perhaps they would do better as a longer term investor.  Perhaps they would succeed as a swing trader.  Possibly exploiting correlations that are present in the market.  The possibilities are endless.

But we do not feel individuals are ‘stuck’ because of their circumstances in life.  Nor do directional forces in the market or economy dictate that you should not even try.   Our ‘Sharpe Income’ project was born out of that belief.  Starting with just $500.00 and $25.00 a week, this account is approaching over $2,000.00 (Later Edit:  This article has been up for a few years now.  The image below has been updated with the 2017 numbers.  In the beginning of 2017, the balance is approaching $4,000, and the goal on an account like this is to have it to $500,000 and beyond)


The project has a yield on cost of it’s income assets of over 1.30% (Later Edit:  Over 3% by 2017).  This yield will only increase, with time.  We have freely demonstrated this.

Built, with just $25.00 a week.   Some people spend that much every week on pizza.

No, all is not right with the world.

But even if you are a victim of a horrendous twist of happenstance, you do not need to be controlled as a victim of happenstance.

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  1. Stanley Philip March 31, 2016 at 7:45 am - Reply

    I was directed to your website from Facebook group stock trading and your post peeked my curiosity 😉

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