A Bear with a Beer

Posted on Dec 22 2015 - 10:17am by Sharpe Trade

Some time ago, I wrote that it was time to look at my capital ratio’s and look to ‘build cash’  … so to speak.  Stock valuations look a bit fatigued.

I would not say that I am an ‘overt bear’ at the moment.  I don’t think the bears are really showing up with any amount of ferocity in the markets.  At least, not yet.  If anything, there is a downward bias to direction, while at the same time … the bears are rather relaxed.


As if they’ve simply stopped by to have a beer or two, before they continue on their way.

And so, I remain by previous statements (apt to change at any time).  Longer term, equity valuations look a bit tired.  It’s time to look to build capital reserves.  Any positions that are lagging?  May need to be cut in order to raise cash.  Yes, obviously capital contributions will raise this ratio as well.  Take a look at volatility exposure.

Rather than looking for something to outright … short, I’m more in the camp of simply raising cash …

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