Hedged Out

Posted on Aug 10 2017 - 10:12am by Sharpe Trade

It’s all ‘a bet’.  A ‘gamble’.


From your choice of income … to what car you drive, to how you position your portfolio.  Everything is a bet.  Meaning … no one knows the future.  There is uncertainty.  There is risk.

But anyone who knows me, knows that I like ‘win-win’ scenarios.

We’ve been quite public for months, that one of our programs has had us buying SPY and QQQ from the beginning of the year.  We are especially long the Q’s.  Earlier this morning, we hedged the ETF QQQ’s position such that as the QQQ drops?  We will be making greater and greater gains on that hedge.

I’ll leave the madmen of the world to play “Dr. Evil” with nuclear weapons.  At this point … we’re hedged out with one of the ‘widest mouth’ long straddle’s I’ve seen myself manage in some time …

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