An Introduction to Stock Fundamental Metrics

Posted on May 15 2015 - 1:08am by Sharpe Trade

This entry begins a brand new educational series here at Sharpe Trade. The ‘Stock Fundamental Metrics’ series.

Have you ever listened to an investor discuss a specific stock, and sensed great confidence from him, as he spoke of his position in that stock.  Unfortunately, you were not really able to understand what he was talking about, as you were left with nothing more than a bewildering array of terms and nomenclature that you did not understand?

P/E ratios.

Price / Book.

EPS of Twelve Month Trailing Earnings.


PEG Ratios.

Dividend Payout Ratios. 

What do all of those terms mean?

Well, we are have this new series here at Sharpe Trade, that will take those metrics, and many other terms and explain each of them, simply and clearly.

(After the following video, we continue with this series on ‘Fundamental Metrics’ with the following entry)

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