Not Enough Hysteria

Posted on Jan 7 2016 - 11:13am by Sharpe Trade

We have been rallying in equities this morning.

I’m just not feeling it.

I could be wrong.  I may join the party a bit later if this 6 hour rally transforms into something more substantial.

There just doesn’t seem to be the proper level of hysteria, to justify being a buyer in these markets.  At least not yet. This market feels like ‘subdued hysteria’. There is not enough blathering about “taking out the 2008 lows” as starry-eyed greenhorn traders proclaim “This is it!“, along with other idiotic nonsense.  Then … and only then, I’d be interested in joining the bulls.

So for now, I’m still bearish on equities, still bearish on Disney (DIS) and still bearish on Apple (AAPL).

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