SHARPE INCOME … Exiting Out of SHY and TLT and Allocating Cash

Posted on Jun 21 2016 - 3:01pm by Sharpe Trade

(we continue ‘The Sharpe Income’ project from the last entry)

TLT and SHY are sagging a bit.  So in the embedded ‘Capital Gains’ strategy of The Sharpe Income project, I am going to consider TLT as sold to exit at 133.78556 and SHY to exit at 85.04.

And we’re going to move around a bit of the cash that has been piling up in the background as well.

We are going to move $206.70 from the “Reserved Cash” category, over to the “Income Assets” category.  We are also going to move $93.30 from the “Reserve Cash” category, over to the “Capital Gains” category.  So the end result, is that we have enough for the purchase of another income stock (average position size at this stage of the project is $300.00), and the remainder of that cash is placed in the capital gains strategy.

I’m in the midst of updating other portfolios that I manage, so I’ll update the spreadsheet here in just a while.

I would imagine I will stay in ‘cash’ until after the referendum on Thursday.

(We continue ‘The Sharpe Income’ project in the next entry)

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