Dan’s Holy Gospel Hour: Spoofing

Posted on Nov 27 2015 - 6:30pm by Sharpe Trade

You may or may not know that I am apt to ‘rant’ from time to time.

I had this teacher when I went to High School more than 24 years ago. He was a 27 year old guy in our Architecture and Drafting classes.  As he was 27, we considered him the really “hip” teacher at the time.  Naturally, as he was the “cool” teacher and we were a pack of idiots, we’d give him a ton of garbage because we felt that we could get away with it.  You know … because he was “cool”, and therefore he should allow us to do whatever we pleased.

Of course, what we did not realize since we were young and stupid, is that our teacher had a boss.  Someone to report to.  This wasn’t “school” to him.  This was his job.  And the garbage that we gave to him, got back to his boss.  Which meant grief for the “cool” teacher that we were giving a ton of garbage to. So every once in a while, he’d march into class.

Shut the door.

Lock the door.

And say:  “Alright listen.  I’ve been getting barked out.  So you are in for a Holy Gospel Hour.  So sit down, and shut up“.  And he’d ream us out for a solid hour.  He got his rant in.

I’ve sort of adopted that ‘model’ as it were when I rant …

We keep getting requests for more “rants by Dan”.  In fact, some have even asked that the ‘rants’ be an hour long.  The problem, is that trading has been going well.

It’s hard to have a ‘rant’, when your trading is going well.

However, I have recently come across a news interview in regards to “spoofing” in the currency markets.  

And it sent me a little over the edge …

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