Destroyer of Souls

Posted on Apr 22 2015 - 9:04am by Sharpe Trade

The purpose of the meat-grinder is to crush your soul.  Actually … scratch that … the purpose of the markets in general is to crush your soul.

To make inroads into your consciousness.   To destroy your self-confidence.  To make you question why you ever got into trading in the first place.

Great traders take pain. We understand it’s part of the business, and that this is the job of the market.  It’s purpose.   We get punched in the face.  The difference, is that when we get punched in the face … we smile, and take it.  Because that pain and discomfort is just part of the business.  We ignore the voice of doubt, and self-pity.

I am still defensive.  I have a bullish skew on U.S. equities in this said, defensive stance.  Asia sold off last night.

That’s ok.

In fact, I’m somewhat reminded of 2014.

We started 2014 off with the same sort of meat-grinder … remember?  At that time, we went no-where on equity indices until May.

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