Neutral on Stocks … Still

Posted on Oct 20 2016 - 4:47pm by Sharpe Trade

Are you a multi-day swing trader?  

Do you trade names with some degree of correlation to index movement?

Have you been getting eviscerated in this market?

Well then, perhaps it’s time to pay attention.

We have stated that we are neutral on equity prices.  We have said this again, and again, and again.  We even talked about it on this Monday’s Sharpe Income entry.

I fear my repetition is beginning to wear thin.

However this “repetition” has been bang-on correct for at least three months …


If I wanted to be a real doofus I could claim that I ‘predicted’ this “Great Quiet” that has set in over the markets.  But that would be sheer nonsense.  Our processes told us to be neutral.  That’s all.  We are neutral on stocks.  We have been neutral on stocks.  We remain neutral on stocks.  Just like equity indices?  Nothing has changed about that view.  Price pays, and price has been dead on the floor. 

Given all of the factors we previously outlined we would also repeat our advice to tread carefully in this market … 

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