Do You Truly Understand Markets: Who Are You Listening To? (PODCAST)

Posted on Sep 18 2016 - 1:50am by Sharpe Trade

“Having been an educator for so many years I know that all a good teacher can do is set a context, raise questions or enter into a kind of a dialogic relationship with their students” – Godfrey Reggio

As we stated last week, we are starting a new ‘series’ of podcasts.

Do you truly understand markets?  Do you really know what you think you know about markets?  We are often shocked at the mistaken beliefs that so many in our society today have, regarding markets, investing and trading, processes and institutions.

So to begin this series, and explore the question of what we truly know about markets, investing and trading … we would ask the question …

Who are you listening to?  From whence, in the industry, do they come?  How are they placed?

Grab your cup of coffee as we discuss all of this in the following podcast …

(After the following podcast, we continue this entire series in the following entry …)

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