Mastering Markets: Short Term Trading


There are a few websites and entire firms, that will offer to teach the skill-set of short-term trading. Some firms will offer such courses for $10,000, $15,000 or even $25,000. Usually, such courses will teach risk management overlaid onto a specific intra-day trading methodology. Once one has obtained that skill and has successfully turned themselves into a short-term trader with a proven track-record; one can trade for a ‘prop’ firm. Many times, remotely trade from the comfort of their own home.

And to be sure, if one can really learn the skills and turn themselves into a trader? This skill is worth far, far more, than $25,000.00

But there are a few hurdles and challenges. Especially for the new, small, self-directed retail trader who believes that they have what it takes, to turn themselves into a great trader.

The first challenge is that there is no guarantee that one can learn the skill of trading the markets in a specific length of time. Trading is very much a skill-based career, and it is a bit like playing Golf. In many ways, you’re playing against yourself. It’s an incredibly individualistic journey. If one cannot learn the skill in a specified length of time? Well … they may have paid $25,000 to learn something that takes a lifetime to master. The student of the markets is then out the $25,000.00. They are out money in their trading accounts. They are left poorer, and discouraged.

Second, if the course has any value at all, it would teach a particular risk management approach and one, perhaps two methods of approaching and trading the markets on a short-term basis. Worse yet, some teach no theory at all. They are simply a ‘technical gimmick’ or ‘trick’. The educator themselves may not really understand how to be adaptable past a certain trade ‘setup’. We ourselves are constantly amazed at some of the statements by a few such “trading educators”.

Third … it takes some time to learn short-term trading. It takes a lifetime, to master. Such courses usually do not teach and demonstrate the theory behind why markets move the way they do, and at the same time impart longer-term, low-effort methods and processes of trading that can assist you as you learn short-term trading skills.

Sharpe Trade’s “Mastering Markets: Short-Term Trading Course” is designed to address these challenges.

We personally believe this is the single best trading course available on the net today.

It teaches theory behind why the markets move the way they do. Low-effort methods that can lay the foundation of your trading approach. A new student of the markets can thus see some success in their own individual accounts, and then build up to the task of learning short-term trading methods at their own pace. This eases the psychological burden experienced when learning to short-term trade.

Not only do we feel this is the best trading course available today … we also feel it is the most competitively priced short-term trading course available anywhere.

It is understood that viewers of this course would be familiar with concepts such as market sectors, bonds, what the ‘yield’ of a stock is, and other common trading terminology. It is understood that you will have already viewed Sharpe Trade’s free playlists on trading the markets.

How would we describe this short-term trading course? Well, we produced a podcast some time ago that described this online trading course. Feel free to lisen to that podcast for free, here …

“… One of the most comprehensive, professional … and competitively priced short-term trading courses on the Internet. “


You can get access to all of the above for $1,195 $1,075, a 10% discount!




Sharpe Trade, LLC feels this is the best online short-term trading course available today. With over 10 hours of video, we discuss how global markets work and strategies that result from them, several trading processes and methods, trade management, risk overlays, record-keeping, and more!

Therefore, there are NO REFUNDS available on this product.

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