Education Series

How To Begin InvestingHow To Begin With Investing And Trading

Without a doubt, this question we receive more than any other. When it comes to investing and trading, if you took everything that we know now? How would we go about getting started with investing and trading? This FREE series of videos discusses the steps of how to begin trading and investing, as well as some of our own personal stories as to how we got started and moved towards trading for a living.


Money Management Money Management For Investing And Trading

Trading profitably is not an accident. It involves taking a few seconds after each and every trade, and recording a few numbers. Once you do this, you can begin to explore the mathematics of staying profitable as an investor and trader. And make no mistake. If you want to become a successful trader or investor, you MUST learn the principles of money management. The principles of money management are more important than the methodology or trade signals that you use.


Money Management Trading Psychology And Emotional Discipline

To be a good investor or trader you a solid understanding of money management; or how to handle risk. Sharpe Trade has a playlist here at YouTube that talks about money management principles. But you also need to understand the Psychology and Emotional Discipline that is necessary to trade well. This is a collection of videos that discusses trading psychology and emotional discipline