Ending that QQQ Trade

Posted on Jun 29 2017 - 2:16pm by Sharpe Trade

For some months now, we have been talking about being long QQQ.  A trade, may we say, that worked out well for us.  At the time of this writing, that strategy is up 13% for the year.

It’s just that we have to prepare for a new trade in that process.  It really has little to do with the sell-off we are seeing today.

Clients of ‘The Sharpe Report‘, that would be the second strategy we discuss.  Both “Major Market”, or “Program D.I.”.  Exiting the QQQ’s  We would have sent out an email, but it seems the email provision service that we contract to is down at the moment.  We have put a note up about it several minutes ago at the private forums.

Anyways … seeing as how we have talked for some time about being long the Q’s, I thought it only right to say that we are now exiting that trade

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