Posted on May 17 2017 - 2:53pm by Sharpe Trade


We have been counting the days of low volatility, and the markets are at least beginning to break loose.  At the time of this writing, the Spoos is down by about -1.49%.  Which isn’t much.  We’re not even to the lows of April yet, and a 10% correction is statistically normal about once every 14 months.   Perhaps we can see a VIX print over 14 this time.  Who knows?  Commodities as a whole really aren’t moving that much, and are basically flat.  And the U.S. Dollar continues it’s 2017 slide south.

Personally?  I’m hoping for more red, more volatility, and at least a 10% correction.

Our Core Program has only lost about 0.68 cents thus far.  Yes … you heard me right.  About 0.68 cents.  Which is great, because our smaller Q’s position is getting banged up a bit today.  But on the other hand, our bullish bond bias is beginning to pay up.  And if you will note, we are still majority cash (and building more cash) in our ‘Sharpe Income’ Project.  

Here’s to hoping to see more red prints …

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