Simply Flat Cash in Short-Term Trades

Posted on Jul 18 2017 - 9:39am by Sharpe Trade

Many who know and have watched me trade, know that I have a hand in a few different pots.

At all times, including right now, I have a trade operating that works the relationship of several market simultaneously (and it’s up rather nicely this morning I might add).  I have a separate single trade on that works a specific theory on major indices.  Those two disassociated trades are always ongoing.  And of course, there is the separate income process which is always running.

But for my separate ‘long-short’ trading?  More brief time period, trades that last from 0 to 18 days; I am flat cash as of yesterday.  For clients of the ‘The Sharpe Report‘, we are demonstrating building up a tiny $5,000 long-short book, and there I am illustrating a very specific thesis with them.  But even for larger portfolios?  

I got nothing.

Flat cash at the moment in that section of the book.

I ended that U.S. Steel (X) long profitably, and the Apple (AAPL) long profitably, and I’m going to cool my heels while I watch the 2’s catch a bid.  All following the simple thesis, that we should keep things simple.  

Remember that we have the ‘Reconstructed Sharpe Report‘ is now only $15.00 per month, from now, into perpetuity.  At the same time, the Short-Term Trading Course has a promotion ongoing. 

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