Flat Markets

Posted on Mar 15 2016 - 3:32pm by Sharpe Trade

Earlier today, the Fed’s FOMC meeting began.  Tomorrow, we have Consumer Price Index (CPI) numbers, Housing Starts, and Industrial Production numbers.  All eyes will have really zero’d in on tomorrows announcement from the Fed, following the FOMC meeting.  Then later in the week, we have jobless claims released.  The markets, ahead of these numbers, have gone completely quiet.  We’ve only varied about ~14 points on the Spoos since Friday.

But naturally, about the time the FOMC announcement is made, the ‘Red Hour’ will begin.  These quiet, flat markets will come to an abrupt end with explosive mayhem.  Friday will mark a ‘quadruple witch’.

We ourselves are flat cash at the moment, looking to put on several moves once our processes point the way … 

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  1. mappy March 16, 2016 at 2:40 pm - Reply

    Game on Wayne! Nice call back in Mid-February. Markets going to Pluto. Market don’t like talk of higher interest rates. Let the government buying begin. I just hope Yellen is buying AWK, WEN, and BJRI.

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