Posted on Oct 29 2015 - 12:56pm by Sharpe Trade

Yes … the word is … du-knEE-luh-wis-da-NEH-luh.  If your computer is capable of reading the font, that is:  ᏚᏂᎸᏫᏍᏓᏁᎸ.  It is Tsalagi.

It means:  “Improvements

Excuse me, but I am a bit of a language and communication geek.  You’ll simply have to learn to put up with that from time to time.

So what is this all about?

As those who have followed me since I ran my old “Aileron Trading” channel, know … I am a man who is about educating others as to what I have learned, when it comes to investing and trading in the markets.  I am now with Sharpe Trade, LLC, and this is a company that publishes information  on principles that it thinks can be of benefit to self-directed retail traders.

You might say that “education” is in my bones.

Now an issue arises.  When you release a lot of free information about Education online, it can be a bit … messy.  So you need a good format.

And as you will now notice, the folks who work on the website for Sharpe Trade, LLC have begun to implement a few … ᏚᏂᎸᏫᏍᏓᏁᎸ … or “improvements” in that vein.  This is in an attempt to make it easier to find the free education that we provide.  As you may notice, the top menu banner of the website now contains an “Educational Series” category.  


The page contains a few of the free educational video playlists that we have created thus far.

As time passes, we will add to, tweek and refine that webpage

All as we strive to implement ᏚᏂᎸᏫᏍᏓᏁᎸ.

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