How to Begin: First Investments and Trades – The Mechanics

Posted on Jun 17 2015 - 1:30pm by Sharpe Trade

We began our How to Begin series with this article.

The “How to Begin” playlist on YouTube can be found at this link.

We continue on from our last post on this topic that you can find here.

At this point, we have had … what exactly?

An outline of things that someone who is new can learn about.

An outline of how to implement steps to getting started.

A few warnings, as well as a discussion of a strategy moving forward.

Thoughts regarding demo-trading.

Even books that we would recommend, because we enjoyed them.

But at a certain stage, an individual has to decide for themselves whether or not to go ahead, and actually progress to the steps of executing their first trade with real money.  What ‘mechanical steps’ do we think would be a good idea?

We’d like to discuss that topic in the following “How to Begin” video …

(After the following video, we continue the series of ‘How to Begin’ in this next entry .…)

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