How to Begin: How Not to Start … Trader Horror Stories

Posted on Dec 3 2014 - 2:03pm by Sharpe Trade

We began our “How to Begin” series with what any individual could do, immediately … today … to start themselves on the path of investing and trading.  And that is, begin to improve their own personal finances, and budget, using Dave Ramsey’s “Baby Steps” as a guide to eliminate debt (it makes sense to stop being someone else’s investment return).  By doing this a person could begin, immediately to work on qualities that would make them a better investor and trader, namely, self-control and discipline.

To continue this series?  We perhaps would like to begin with what not to do.  Because in our experience, far too often, many people make the same mistakes, over and over again.

In the following video, I (Dan) am going to share my personal story, of how I got started trading the markets …

The “How to Begin” playlist on YouTube can be found at this link.

(After the video, the next entry in this series can be found here )

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