How to Begin: Paper Trading … You Can BEGIN To Find Your Way

Posted on Jun 3 2015 - 3:00pm by Sharpe Trade

We began our How to Begin series with this article.

The “How to Begin” playlist on YouTube can be found at this link.

We continue on from our last post on this topic that you can find here

By this point as someone is just beginning their education as an investor and trader, they become a bit impatient to get started.  To start placing trades.  At which point, someone usually starts paper trading.  After paper trading for a while, new folks begin to think about what ‘could be’.  What they ‘would’ do in a particular trading environment.

Yeah … that’s the first problem you’ll encounter.

We discuss this in the following “How to Begin” video …

(After the following video, we continue the series of ‘How to Begin’ in this next entry .…)

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