SHARPE INCOME … The Grind is Never Complete

Posted on Jan 9 2017 - 4:30pm by Sharpe Trade

The original Sharpe Income post that explains this project can be found here.

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We continue the discussion from the last entry.

We began this project with only $500. All in an effort to help out the small retail investor who doesn’t have a lot of money, understand the importance of growing an income account, as opposed to a trading account. The following numbers are taken from our PDF that is attached below. Remember that the numbers are computed off of Friday’s close …

Total Sharpe Income Balance: $3,314.33
Total Sharpe Income YTD Return: + 0.69 %
Sharpe Income YTD Paid Yield on Cost: + 0.00 %
Total Sharpe Income YTD Maximum Draw-down: – 0.00 %
iShares Barclay’s IEF Return: + 0.30 %
S&P 500 Index YTD Return: + 1.70 %
S&P 500 Index YTD Maximum Draw-down: – 0.00 %

We have placed this weeks ‘capital deposit’ in the category reserved as “dry powder”. Cash that we simply have ‘on hand’ and can move about as we wish. Of that cash, 85% of the capital deposit was placed as reserved for a future deposit towards the ‘capital gains’ strategy. 15% of the capital deposit is placed towards reservations for the purchase of more income assets.

Our ‘monthly income’ has jumped up a bit with the purchase of PFF as an income instrument.

Remember, there are usually no TLT or SHY dividends paid in January, so no dividends are coming in from those instruments to record.

Past that, nothing really ‘to do’ here.  There’s not something to ‘do’ per se, every week.  PCY and PFF will pay dividends towards the end of this month.  

We simply record the numbers, and keep grinding forward.  That ‘grind’ is never complete.  It is never ‘over’.  We will be doing here in 2017, what we did in 2016; and will continue to do so into 2018.

The link to the Google Drive Spreadsheet that you can view, that we will edit, build upon and refer to over time can be found at this link.

We continue the Sharpe Income project with this next entry.

The Sharpe Income PDF breakdown for Week 111 can be found here (numbers computed off of Friday’s close) …

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  1. mappy January 10, 2017 at 10:06 am - Reply

    Oil at support. i wouldn’t trade here. Wait for API tonight and EIA tomorrow.

    Gold ran up quick. I think the next resistance levels are 1205 and 1220.

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