How to Migrate From Corporate Workplace, to At-Home Trader (And Some Advice)

Posted on Nov 17 2015 - 12:19pm by Sharpe Trade

The goal for many retail traders is to get to a position where the can migrate from the corporate workplace, to an ‘at-home’ trader.


So how does one get there?

Well, in the following video entry, we talk about this. What it takes to trade as a career.

The first point, is that you must love trading.

The problem for some traders, is that they love trading, but they detest their corporate workplace.  Believe it or not, I really do understand what that is like.  It’s been some time, but I understand the corporate grind.  Once upon a time, I had a “Lumbergh” for a boss.  Some of you may have heard this story before, but we need to bring it into the “Sharpe Trade” history of entries.

At the same time … what is it like to trade from home? What are some of the realities of working from home? What can you expect? What … warnings and advice would we offer?

We discuss this in the following video entry …

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