I Kid You Not … Right in Front of the Locomotive

Posted on Jan 14 2015 - 8:40am by Sharpe Trade

So some time back, I had a quirky little video on my own channel on how well things were going.

Something for a bit of light-hearted fun.  Being goofy is all.  Seriously, sometimes it’s fun just to be a bit goofy.

Someone took me a bit seriously, and left the following comment.  And I kid you not …  they actually said it …

If you were paying attention a once in a life time trade presented itself on Brent crude bouncing off a 16 year long trend line.  I got a fill at the exact low tick -this may be the lowest price we ever see again and with the large payout on even 1 contract this could set me up for life.  Am I dancing – no way!  If I dance on a good day do put my head in the oven on a bad day?  Get it?

Now that’s fine if you don’t understand the goofiness or the humor of the video.   I don’t mind that.  It’s all a part of putting stuff out there, publicly.  I realize people may not understand the humor, or find it entertaining at all.  Heck, maybe it wasn’t entertaining at all.  Maybe it was just flat out, a stupid video.

What I find fascinating is that people still think they can do that.

Mind you, they left that comment 5 days ago.

Crude Oil has sunk a full $1.04 on the big contract since that time.

I don’t say the above to poke fun, or to laugh at another’s losing trade.  I really don’t.  I’ll have losing trades.  We all have losing trades. I bring this up, because there is an important point to be made, on just the standpoint of investing and trading education.

Stop thinking you need to find the tick low, on a market that is unraveling before everyone’s eyes.

Otherwise, you end up being that guy at the table.

The guy who, while every other professional on the planet is just stepping back and letting the mess that is Crude Oil unravel … thinks he can stand in the way of a locomotive of a downtrend … to pick out the ‘tick low’ to be ‘set for life’.

That my friends, is the definition of “retail” thinking to avoid.

If I had a nickel for every time a new trader thinks that he or she caught the ‘tick low’ of a contract for it’s lifetime (which is laughable by the way) in order to be ‘set for life’, I wouldn’t need to trade.

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