I’m Bullish

Posted on Mar 17 2015 - 3:12pm by Sharpe Trade

On Equities that is.

My time-frame is about a month or two.

That is, until I change my stance and I turn bearish in the future.

An ‘outlook’ on the market, or stock prices is always fluid.  I’m always willing to change my stance when new price data tells me it’s time to change my stance.  I personally like looking momentum studies.  Regardless, at the time-being, I think the down-side on stock prices has been tested, and re-tested, and we’ve broken downside momentum.  We are now poised to move higher.  So for today, I’m bullish.  But I’ll switch to being bearish if the market and momentum tells me to be bearish.

People who are new see professionals as “wishy washy”.  But in truth, we are adaptable, willing to move with the market when the market tells us to do so.  At times, we can get ‘cut up’ a bit in a sideways market.  But we know that eventually, a market trend emerges, and we ride that trend for as long as possible.

So at the present time, I’m bullish on stock prices.

Until I’m not.

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