International Business Machines (IBM) Entry Order for SHARPE INCOME

Posted on Dec 23 2014 - 8:54am by Sharpe Trade

The original Sharpe Income post can be found here.

We continue the “Shape Income” discussion from the last entry.

So I’ve been watching IBM’s chart for the model Sharpe Income account as I mentioned in the previous entry.

Just a very quick down and dirty entry.

For the purposes of our “Sharpe Income” Project, let’s consider it as entering the order to buy 2 IBM at $162.85, GTC

The order is ‘out there’, and we’ll be looking to see if we get a fill …

We continue the “Sharpe Income” discussion in the next entry that you can find here … 

Disclosure: I do maintain long positions in IBM in my own personal Fixed Income account at a cost average of $175.70 and long in separate valuation accounts with a cost average of $185.60. No businesses that I am associated with, to my knowledge, has any position in IBM, long or short, at this time.

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