Long-Short Process Light In Front of March

Posted on Feb 24 2017 - 4:12pm by Sharpe Trade

As we stated yesterday, I’m a little light in our long-short trading process.

We’ve shred out of a number of positions profitably.  SYNT, FB and LOW’s; we’ve now exited all of them with a profit.  We had one loser in the mix.  Short BLDR.  In the middle of all of it, we sold some February GLD 112.50 Puts; and those expired profitably.

So at the moment, in that particular process, I have a lot of cash.  And more cash coming in on Monday.  As well as I am still enjoying my PFE long, and my PGX long.  And the PGX position will pay a nice hefty dividend here in a few days time.  I’ll be trying to allow those two positions to run in my favor for as long as they seem to want to do so.

Can you expect that we will continue to discuss our short-term trades here on the public entries of Sharpe Trade?

Simply put …


We’ll be keeping that with clients of Sharpe Trade.  However, we thought all of you folks that only hang out here in the public space might want to see a little bit of the trades we discuss, in real time.

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