SHARPE INCOME Project to Pay for Sharpe Trade Courses?

Posted on Mar 7 2017 - 12:43pm by Sharpe Trade

(We continue ‘The Sharpe Income‘ Project from the previous entry)

Today the Sharpe Income project received it’s PFF dividend for the Income Asset category.  That will be recorded somewhat later on the spreadsheet.  This makes the second dividend for the month of March.  To date, the project … all beginning from a mere $500 … has generated $52.17 in dividend income.

And the project as a whole is performing well …


Some have asked us how long we are planning on running this free project here on the public website of ‘Sharpe Trade‘?

Well, we still view this project as a very ‘new’ venture.  Remember that The Sharpe Income project is really about demonstrating to ones, for free, how to develop and grow an equity income account.  Live … in real-time.  So to answer the question of ‘how long will we keep this project moving’?

To be honest … we don’t like to make blanket statements about a future that no one can control.  

We don’t know?  Who knows, perhaps we can run it long enough such that the dividend income from the project pays for the Valuation Investing Course, and the Trading Course that we offer?

That’d be something wouldn’t it?  A free project that we demonstrate in real time, not only provides a passive income, but could pay for the very courses we offer … 

(We will continue the free ‘Sharpe Income‘ Project in this next entry)

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