Twiddling My Thumbs Until Monday

Posted on Feb 23 2017 - 5:08pm by Sharpe Trade

So earlier today, I dumped out of the LOW long for a profit of a couple of points, avoided the end of the day sell-off in that stock.  

We’re honestly getting a little light on our positions in our long-short process.  At this point, we took a scratch on that CECO trade yesterday.  We’ve already ended the SYNT long profitably. Those February GLD 112.50 Puts I sold expired in the profit.  At the same time,  So at the moment, we’re only long PFE, XRX and PGX at the moment.  We have no short positions. Again, we’re only speaking of the long-short process.

Honestly, I’m twiddling my thumbs a little, until Monday. A pile of capital has backed up in the ol’ Sharpe Trade, LLC coffers.  And so I have to rebalance a few of our strategies to bring those processes up to ‘full power’ so to speak; utilizing the new cash on hand.  But I have to wait until Monday to do it, so I don’t mind being a little light on positions at the moment  …  

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