Putting in the Work

Posted on Dec 29 2016 - 2:53pm by Sharpe Trade

It seems here at the end of 2016 everyone is concerned about relaxing.

Wanting to think about being at home.  Kicking up their feet and ‘vegging out’ with some inane show on their Netflix feed. 

We here at Sharpe Trade, LLC are taking the opposite tack.

We’re busy putting in the work, and preparing for 2017.  Looking to the next few weeks, I was simply going to prune my watchlist of stocks for multi-day directional swing.  But then I sat back and thought … 

“Why do that, when I can put much more work into it?”

So instead of trying to avoid work, we’re digging in with more work than ever.  So forget ‘pruning’ the existing list. I scratched off every stock I had on my watchlist, and I am instead putting together a fresh list, researching hundreds of stocks, and coming up with a battle plan of attack for 2017.  

That’s what we are up to as of late.  Putting in the work, and gearing up for 2017

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