Slow Week … Lots o’ Money

Posted on Feb 17 2017 - 2:11pm by Sharpe Trade

So as of late we have publicly shared a few of our ‘long-short’ trades.  

But as we’ve mentioned many times here at Sharpe Trade, we know of, and run many different processes.  Many more than our single ‘long-short’ trading positions.

What’s interesting about the last week?  Is that we have not made one …. single … ‘move’.  In other words, we haven’t executed any trades or orders in the last week.

Not one.

While we have day-trading processes?  We simply have not placed any such trades in the last week.  Our non-directional strategies (both of them), booked solid gains this week.  Oh, and those February GLD 112.50 Puts we sold?  Booked profit as of this afternoon.  Our Equity-Income process continues to just rock it out, and move higher and higher.  Our long-short process is up, by just a little bit.

In other words, we haven’t executed any orders.  And our total portfolio has moved higher by about 85 BPS in the last week alone.

You have to love a slow money week in the world of trading

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