I Think a Correction May Be Near

Posted on May 30 2017 - 4:55pm by Sharpe Trade

Short-term trading can involve a lot of discretion.

In other words … skill.

You learn to ‘lean’ into a particular belief due to subtle and nuanced reasons that you yourself may find difficult to explain.  Sometimes, you adopt a belief simply because you do not want to be ‘surprised’ by the markets.

I find myself at such a point now.

I think a stock market correction may be near.

Now to be sure, we are bullish on stocks for the long-term.  We are bullish on stocks on a periodicity of 1 to 18 days.  We maintain many of our long positions.

And I still think a stock market correction may be near.

Why do I believe this?

Well, for one thing … our strategies are just printing higher … and higher … and higher … day … after day …. …. after day.  In fact, I told individuals as recent as last night … “Well … I wouldn’t be surprised to see these strategies to pull back just a bit here on a typical mean reversion“.  And what happened today?

They printed higher.

We remain bullish on many of our instruments and on the stock market indices in particular.

But nothing goes up in a straight line like this, forever

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