It’s All Green to Me

Posted on Jun 23 2017 - 4:18pm by Sharpe Trade

Well that’s a nice way to end the week.

Our base, core-strategy had rallied, and then added on another 10 BPS as it begins to break to new highs.  As you can tell from our ‘Sharpe Income‘ project, our “Income Process” pieces added on another 1.88 points.  And lest we forget that our yield will soon be bumped up in that project, as Union Pacific (UNP) pays it’s dividend at the end of the month.  And speaking of the Sharpe Income project … the trades we put on yesterday for that live project?  All of those pieces rallied, save one that was only down by 6 pennies.

Oh … yes … we still have that Q’s position on; that we’ve had and been bullish on for months.  Nice to see the QQQ peaking a little higher today.

And beyond that, we told clients about a new trade we put on (no, we’re not going to discuss that one publicly), and that rallied over 500 BPS today alone.  We’re still long that particular piece.

How’s the song go?  “It’s All Green To Me”?  It pretty well describes our 2017 and the last week in particular.

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