Kicking Back and Letting You Fight it Out

Posted on Apr 8 2015 - 10:30am by Sharpe Trade

Am I supposed to write something in this blank white space?


See, I woke up late today.

I slept in.


Well, like I said the other day, I’m just letting this entire parade of a meat-grinder pass me by. The stock market cannot give a clear edge. Stock futures fell apart Friday morning. Then we were back up big on Monday. Back down yesterday afternoon. Which is all fine. But when I use the tools I have to look for an edge for a directional play … say … 15 days worth?

I got nothin’

I know when it’s time to just sit back, kick up my feet, and let you all battle it out.  I’ve gone defensive, and put on a strategy in which I enjoy gains, regardless of market direction.  The account was higher on Monday.  The account went higher still on Tuesday.  I’m making money right now.

Which is good, since this slice-and-dice fest chruned my account earlier in the year down to my draw-down kill-switch of 5%.

Wake me up when this dice-fest market has decided on an actual trend.  Because we still don’t have one.

This is the type of market that will crush souls.  Enjoy the meat-grinder-parade folks. I think I’m going to pop a beer and then take a nap …

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