Life Emergency Trading Strategies

Posted on Sep 21 2017 - 3:54pm by Sharpe Trade

This particular week is ending much better than started out.

At least when it comes to trading.  

More on that, in just a bit.

Although our long QQQ position is down at the moment, we also are making money by bearish bets in Amazon (AMZN) and Apple (AAPL).  So as we were saying the other day … the ‘blow’ to the long Q’s position is being ‘softened’ by other moves.

At the same time, SGG has come roaring back, and is up 3.438% from it’s Tuesday lows.  So we’re still hanging in with that trade for the time being.

Those moves aside, with aging parents, my life has become a bit more complicated as of late.  My siblings and I have had to step up with a few more trips to the hospital and various doctors to take care of our parents.  Once these current trades wind out?  I may allow our ‘less intensive’ strategies carry the work-load for a while, while we take care of important family responsibilities.

Which brings me to an important topic.

“Life Emergencies” and trading.

When it comes to life, emergencies, and ‘down time’ are not a possibility.  They are a certainty.

Some allow such ’emergencies’ to distract them from trying to learn to trade.  Or, if they are already struggling with their trading?  They give up completely.  They tell themselves …

“I’ll get back to trading, once this ‘life emergency’ has past”

Unfortunately many times, such individuals never really do return to trading.

Which is why our ‘Short-Term Trading Course‘ includes strategies that require very little in the way of maintenance.  In fact, these are the very first strategies we cover in that course. No … we are not talking about “Passive” Investing by simply “buying the SPY”.  However, they are strategies that require less oversight, less effort, while at the same time providing very competitive performance, with lower drawdowns.  

As of last week?  One of these strategies is up 9.30% for the year.  In 2008?  That strategy did not lose ANY money at all.  

And we have only made two adjustments to that strategy … all year long

Life emergencies happen.

It’s unfortunate.

But know that if you’re going through a divorce?  

You’re undergoing chemo?

An aged parent has taken a turn for the worse, and you want to talk some time off of active trading?

Well … just know … that there are trading strategies for those circumstances.

How do we produce such fantastic risk-adjusted performance?
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