We Are Up, Despite Ourselves

Posted on Sep 8 2017 - 2:20pm by Sharpe Trade

The ‘best laid plans of mice and men’.

Some time ago, we mentioned we were bullish on Gold.

Well, I happened to check my monitors one morning at precisely the wrong time (and that’s real trading folks.  You are always where you ‘don’t’ need to be, at the exact time, you shouldn’t be there).  I glanced over to see the Gold position drop by 1%, in about 60 seconds.  And so … I dumped out of the position.  Only to watch it come roaring back with a vengeance, as we had originally thought.  And then continue to rally.  

We would refer you to our entry on ‘whipsawing’ for a full explanation as to the way we deal with such situations.

As we were saying?  That’s real trading folks.   None of this ‘pie-in-the-sky-everything-works-according-to-plan’ nonsense.  

And yet at the same time?  We’re actually up again this month.  We’re only up about 13 BPS this particular week, from the week previous.  But we’re up.  Our ‘core’ methodology that comprises a majority weight, just hit an all-time, brand-new high.  Our “Program D.I.” process is still up near 18% this year.  And … we just closed out an Apple Option trade profitably, and it looks like another Amazon (AMZN) trade will work out for a small profit for us as well.

Oh … I almost forgot … we also have that ‘slew’ of dividends coming in this month.  The TLT and SHY dividends were paid today.  And we have more dividends on the way

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  1. mappy September 15, 2017 at 1:07 am - Reply

    You gold nut. 🙂 I still buy a silver eagle now and again.

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