Markets and Trades Just Steamrolling Higher

Posted on Jul 14 2017 - 2:22pm by Sharpe Trade

Markets, as well as our own trading is just steam-rolling higher this week.

Earlier in the week in long-short swing trading, clients of the new ‘Reconstructed Sharpe Report‘ saw us close out a long U.S. Steel (X) for a small little 37 BPS profit.  And then, on the Sharpe Trade forums, we mentioned that we were personally bullish on Apple (APPL) on Thursday, and that we would be taking profits off the table here this afternoon.

At the same time, our other processes are just running higher and higher.  Our own (Sharpe Trade, LLC) portfolio packed on another 141 BPS this week alone.  Again … that’s total book.  Naturally, mathematically on individual trades the percentage gain becomes much, much greater.

Again, we’re just hanging out, having fun.  Feel free to join in any time.  Remember that for the month of July, we have an ongoing Course Promotion.  Depending on how things turn out, it may be one of our last ones. 

But hey … we’re also just as happy to trade our own portfolio, and make more and more money with each passing year

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