Mastering Markets: Short Term Trading

Many wish to be able to trade for a living.  There are a few career paths in which one can trade for a living.  There is the increasingly difficult arena of ‘prop’ trading.  Or, one can trade one’s own capital.  Trading for a firm or institution.  But there is a problem.  In order to trade in any one of these vocations, one needs to learn the skill of how to trade.  There are a few websites and entire firms, that will offer to teach the skill-set of short-term trading. Some firms will offer such courses for $10,000, $15,000 or even $25,000. Is there a better option?

Yes.  We feel that Sharpe Trade, LLC’s online trading course is the single best trading course available today, for the best price.  We do not show one process.  Or even two.  But the discuss the entire concept of and theory of trading in addition to several strategies and variations of those strategies.

What exactly do you receive with Sharpe Trade’s ‘Mastering MarketsShort-Term Trading Course‘?

The Video Course Materials itself …

  • Trading Principles relating to Psychology
  • Trading Principles relating to the actual construction of a Professional Short-Term Trading portfolio
  • The first process as a ‘Beginning  Strategy’, why this strategy works, and several variations of that strategy
  • Momentum Trading (two separate strategies are outlined)
  • A few different, yet simple technical studies that used by Dan and the other traders at Sharpe Trade, LLC.
  • Examples of various trade ‘setups’
  • Trade management techniques that can be used for swing trading stocks, forex or futures
  • Further specifications as to being ‘risk advantaged’ or ‘positive expectancy’.
  • Several strategies
  • Constructing your own ‘Portfolio Mandate’ and the career paths available to a Trader
  • Intra-day Trading and Reversals
  • Record-keeping

The Supplemental Library of information on the Sharpe Trade Forums …

  • Common Tenants to Every Trading Strategy You Will Encounter
  • The Morning Routine with a View of Major Markets
  • Daily Routine of a Trader
  • Evening Routine of a Trader
  • Record-keeping necessary at the end of the Month and Monthly Technical Review
  • An Explanation of the Process behind the “Sharpe Income” project
  • Price Action Trading 101
  • Further checks on the principles of the construction of a professional Short-Term Trading portfolio
  • Your First $100,000; the attitude necessary as well as an outline of how to accomplish this
  • The History of the “Live Teaching Account” and Lessons to be Gleaned from that History
  • How the ‘Beginning Strategy’ relates to Emergencies in your life …
  • What exactly is ‘discretion’ in trading?
  • A Comprehensive List of the Trading Strategies, listing each strategies characteristics, which complements an understanding of how to incorporate strategies within a short-term trading portfolio.
  • Trading Confidence
  • Another entire strategy:  Trading Small Cap Stocks!
  • Options!  Sharpe Trade’s thoughts on trading options and two simple Option Strategies!

How would we describe this short-term trading course? Well, we produced a podcast some time ago that described this online trading course. Feel free to lisen to that podcast for free, here

“… One of the most comprehensive, professional … and competitively priced short-term trading courses on the Internet. “

You can get access to all of the above for $599.99



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Sharpe Trade, LLC feels this is the best online short-term trading course available today. With over 10 hours of video, we discuss how global markets work and strategies that result from them, several trading processes and methods, trade management, risk overlays, record-keeping, and more!

Therefore, there are NO REFUNDS available on this product.

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