Mastering Markets: Valuation Investing

Sharpe Trade is raising the standard for education among retail investors with this first, Mastering Markets: Valuation Investing course.

There is a lot of information out there on the internet, regarding Valuations. But how can any individual retail investor put all of that information that is on the internet, into a cohesive methodology?   A process?   For years, ones have had opportunity to watch Dan as he picks a number of stocks as long term investing holds. Stocks that he may hold from a year, to five years. Many watched as Dan profited by selling stocks that had run from 16% to 60%. Aflac (AFL). Coca-Cola (KO). Johnson Controls (JCI). Seagate Technologies (STX). Waste Mangagement (WM), and many, many more.

But how does Dan find such stocks? What is the exact method he uses, to discover undervalued stocks, that pay a great dividend? What is the precise process he uses? What formula’s does he use? How does he set up his portfolio?

Briefly put, how can you find stocks, as professional investors do, that are trading at a great value?

That is what this course is all about!  An introduction to looking at stocks through the lens of valuations for the retail investor; and in addition, it will demonstrate how to do this, with free data, websites, and tools available to any retail trader.

It is understood that viewers of this course would be familiar with concepts such as market sectors, bonds, what the ‘yield’ of a stock is, and other common stock investing terms.

Feel free to watch the first few minutes of … Mastering Markets: Valuation Investing

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Sharpe Trade, LLC reveals their entire methodology for valuation investing in the above 5+ hour course; using dividend metrics, spreadsheets, formulas, as well as portfolio management allocations.

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