Measure up Measured Risks

Posted on Feb 19 2016 - 1:14pm by Sharpe Trade

It should be pretty obvious by this time, even to the most rank amateur, that for the rally in equities to continue, we need to see trading above 1940.75 on the March e-mini S&P 500 Index Futures.

At the present time, I’m looking at a few stocks some folks seem to like to trade as of late.  Disney (DIS) and Apple (AAPL).  I had been bearish on both of these stocks since December.  I would not really say that I am bullish on either one of them at the present time.

So please notice that I did not say “buy” these stocks.  I did not say I am “bullish”.  I’m not thinking in such a linear manner.  Now is the time to come up with a trading plan with a focus on how to take risk, and strangle it, and make it work for you.  So I will say, that it’s time, to start thinking about how to go about taking a measured risk to be long either one of those names.

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