Medtronic PLC (MDT): Steady Transitioning and Growth

Posted on Jun 9 2015 - 8:06am by Sharpe Trade

For years, I have stated that new investors should tune into companies quarterly conference calls, presented to shareholders.  The benefits are numerous and many.

It only generally takes one hour or so, every three months.

News items do not catch you as much by surprise.

One can become familiar with the business with which one is invested.

One can listen to the board members of various corporations around the planet, as they attempt to manage businesses worth billions of dollars.  You’re not listening to some doofus and his thoughts on the economy who has no stake in issues facing the economy.  You’re not listening to my thoughts on the economy.  You are listening to board members discuss the very real issues they face as they manage corporations worth billions.

When I listen to the conference call of a company, I take some notes.  And therefore … I thought that to help out new folks as they navigate conference calls, I would start posting my notes, as I’ve taken them.  Perhaps, we can make this a continual feature here at Sharpe Trade with the stocks that we have mentioned in the Sharpe Income project.

This week, it was the Medrtronic PLC (MDT) call, that you can find here.

Medtronic PLC (MDT) – 4 Hour Chart


So what’s ‘the low-down’?

A few notes from my desk as I listened to the conference call

MDT Conference Call Notes Sharpe Trade

Let me just say here that I didn’t mind the tax inversion, as much as hearing that board members created a convenient little loophole for themselves, so that they were not hit by the tax inversion as heavily as the rest of us shareholders.  That particular maneuver is going to grate on my nerves for some time to come.

I’m not interested in purchasing Medtronic (MDT) at this time.  I’ve personally enjoyed a 27.01 % gain on this recent rally, and it just won’t pull back enough, so that I can buy more.  So at the present time, I’m just ‘holding’ what I have, and collecting my dividends.

Regardless, If I was forced to put this quarter into one sentence?

As Medtronic (MDT) transitions from both the tax inversion and Covidien purchase, they transitioned well and enjoyed a rock steady quarter…

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