Most Fun I Have Had in a While

Posted on Feb 24 2016 - 4:18pm by Sharpe Trade

I’m thinking back over the last few years.

I’m trying to remember a day that has been as fun to trade, as today.

I’m not saying that it has been immensely profitable.  I have an unrealized gain on being long AUD/USD, and a 0.112% realized gain, from a CAD/JPY trade.

But it has been fun.

I had been short CAD/JPY for some time.  Last night I looked at the position, and quickly began to pat myself on the back, and congratulate myself.  What a genius move!  It was about that time, that my process saved me from my own ego.  I took my position, and bought back 25% of the position size, profitably.  

CAD/JPY then proceeded to rally.

And rally.

And rally.

I eventually closed down the trade on the remaining 75%, with a 5 pip profit.  I’m still long AUD/USD from some days back, and enjoying the schizophrenic ride the markets are delivering today.  I mean … check out the long end of the curve since February 19th … 


If you stay humble to the dictates of price … the markets love to hand you something you did not expect.  It gets to be … fun … after a while, to watch what the market delivers.

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