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Posted on Jun 22 2017 - 8:56am by Sharpe Trade

(We continue ‘The Sharpe Income‘ Project from the previous entry)

You can find an explanation of this free project, here at this link.

Ok, we’ve been building our cash for a while now; in the ‘capital gains’, or ‘trading’ segment of this project.  We currently have $2,137.56 sitting in the ‘trading segment’ of the Sharpe Income project..

And we’re ready to make some trades this morning for the project.

Remember that for many of the ETF’s that we purchase … as long as we hold those ETF’s for more than 30 days (which we will)?  We will get the trade commission free.  You can note which ETF’s are commission free, and which aren’t, by checking the diary of the project on the spreadsheet that tracks it’s progress, once those purchases are recorded.

So … for the project this morning, a few minutes after the opening bell?

We will purchase 5 shares of SHY.

We will purchase 1 share of IVV.

We will purchase 3 shares of TLT.

We will purchase 4 shares of QQQ.

That leaves us some cash.  Which is fine for now.  And to re-iterate the point?  We plan on holding all of those ETF’s, for more than 30 days.  So these trades are going to be an ~30 to ~60 day-ish swing trade.

But know that after the opening bell?  We’ll consider the project as having purchased those shares to get the trading segment going again

(We will continue the free ‘Sharpe Income‘ Project in this next entry)

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