No Podcast. Instead … A New Series

Posted on Sep 11 2016 - 9:24am by Sharpe Trade

So this week I sat down to record a podcast on behalf of Sharpe Trade.  I had some of this podcast completed last evening as a matter of fact.

This morning, I awoke to review the work. To give the material a “listenability” test.

And then I promptly threw the podcast in the ‘recycle bin’.

As I assessed what I had recorded, I quickly realized that the topic at hand was inter-related to more ideas, principles and concepts than I could explain in one podcast.  While I was passionate about the topic at hand?  The sheer number of ‘bullet-points’ was simply too much for one podcast.  I was all over the place.

So how to approach the topic?

This sparked an idea.  Well, why not launch a new series of podcasts?  Which is what we will try to launch next weekend.  A few podcasts within a larger series.  Something along the lines of …

‘Do you truly know … what you think you know about markets?’

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