Our Mission

Why Sharpe Trade?

A great sharpe ratio indicates that a trader approaches the markets in a disciplined, well balanced manner. Great sharpe ratio leads to consistent, balanced returns, that leads to longevity in an industry known for a long list of ‘one-hit wonders’ that quickly spiral out of existence after one or two “large” trades. Here are the principles we abide by:


Accuracy of thought and applying logic. Coming to conclusions based on facts. Reason does not mean adjusting the facts or confirming a predisposed bias. Especially a bias toward a ‘strange apocalyptic end’ whereby the capital markets doom us all. When we examine financial markets, we attempt to view them without a predisposed ideology or bias.


Approaching the markets with wild emotion can be devastating to an investor’s portfolio. We apply the above logic and reason to find a rational view of the markets in an ocean of misinformation and fear mongering. We find the spreading of misinformation to be irresponsible and fear mongering an absolute evil.


Sharpe Trade attempts to provide a less volatile and biased approach to the economic news that affects us all. Providing consistent, well balanced thoughts, based on accurate information so as to display what is actually happening and occurring, rather than attempting to unsteady readers with our own personal beliefs.