About Us

We are investors, traders, lawyers and technical specialists from around the world. But above all, we invest and trade the capital markets. As traders, we began to compare notes with one another on our individual outlook on the state of education, regarding the financial markets among the general populace.

Simply put … we were dismayed.

There are a few of the ‘good guys’ out there. There are. But they are by far, the minority. Regardless, as we conversed, we discovered that we all were seeing the same sorts of issues. We found hucksters selling their ‘magic systems’. We found individuals on social media, with diatribes and prognosticationss that were built upon sheer nonsense that had nothing to do with the way the financial markets actually worked. We found no accountability for such prognostications, as no industry standards were ever applied to what they were talking about. We found fear-mongers, plying people’s emotional and political biases in order to ‘up’ the view count on their websites, or worse yet … to pump and dump assets upon them. What did such individuals record in the financial markets look like? What did their performance look like? Had they any skill or knowledge to speak on such issues?

We found precious little in the way of accountable track records.

So we decided to do something about it.