Patience Padawan

Posted on Dec 22 2016 - 4:44pm by Sharpe Trade

When trading, there is not necessarily something to “do” every day.

At times, this is a difficult lesson for new traders to learn.

They become attracted to the emotive rush of pulling the trigger on a trade.  A growing need for a ‘euphoric fix’ leads them to ‘force trades’.

But the truth of the matter?  Is that there is not something to do every day.

You see the truth of this reflected in the trading activity on the Sharpe Income project.  We haven’t really made any moves as of late for the ‘Trading” segment. 

I am still tempted to buy TLT.  But as of yet … I haven’t received the final ‘trigger’ to initiate the trade.  So I wait.  “Income Asset #3” … again, is very close to being added into the project on the income side.  But again, we have not seen the final trigger take place, in terms of price, to go ahead and add it in.

So again … I wait.

Patience, young padawans.  There is not something to “do” every day.

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  1. mappy December 23, 2016 at 1:46 pm - Reply

    Love the song. Saw GNR last Summer. Awesome show. Merry Christmas!

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