When Things Are Quiet? Get to Work

Posted on May 23 2017 - 4:32pm by Sharpe Trade

The great quiet continues.

The greatest excitement on longer term periodicity programs, was the next to nothing -1.8% sell-off in equities.  The VIX is again printing 10.7’s.  The processes in our portfolio have been steadily climbing higher.

So rather than rest on our incredible laurels, we have decided to get to work.

We’re looking at reviewing a few conference calls of earnings we didn’t get a chance to listen to last quarter.  Looking at in-sample data back to 2007, we back-tested a few ideas (which … I can tell you … came to naught.  The results were no better than processes we are already using).   We have a few more calls to get through.

Quiet times in the market simply provide you with an opportunity to continue working hard at your craft

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