Week in Review: Reason and Rationality for Market Mechanics

Posted on Oct 10 2015 - 8:00am by Sharpe Trade

The ‘by-line’ of Sharpe Trade, LLC is “Reason, Rationality … Balance”.  In last weeks podcast we discussed reason and logic, when dealing and discussing with economic matters.  How often we see new retail traders being taken advantage of by those selling economic ‘doom porn’ with the ‘pitch and sale’ of some ‘doom asset’.

This week, let us focus in on rationality.

That which can be logically verified with facts.

Because from time to time, we discuss market mechanics.  Market makers.  High-Frequency trading.  Dealing desks.  

If you don’t need to understand market mechanics in order to execute a trade, then why do we discuss them?

Grab your cup of coffee this weekend as we discuss this in the following podcast …

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