Posted on Jul 31 2016 - 7:24am by Sharpe Trade

Something I have attempted to stress over the years? Is that from time to time, you need to buy out some time, to simply ‘unplug’. Relax.

Even if it’s for just a day, it can be highly beneficial to take a technology sabbatical. Turn off the monitors.

Brew some coffee. Play some relaxing music.

Go outside. Get some fresh air. Take a walk in a national park.

Recharge your batteries.

So we are actually going to take our own advice this weekend.  Today we are going to relax, and urge everyone to do likewise.  If you absolutely must listen to a podcast, we have plenty of podcasts that you can peruse this morning.  Or listen to this podcast on why it is that so many predictions regarding the future path of the economy and the stock market, well … simply ‘suck‘.

We can return to the podcasts next week.  Take some time to simply enjoy life … 

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