SHARPE INCOME! And Thus We Begin with Cash

Posted on Dec 1 2014 - 11:59am by Sharpe Trade

The original Sharpe Income post can be found here.

We have begun this model Fixed Income account with only $500.00.  We will begin next week, to contribute just $25.00, and then contribute $25.00 each and every week.  The reason we chose these amounts is to demonstrate that really anyone can do this.  However, naturally these nominal amounts could be different.  If someone could afford $1,000.00 and $25.00 a week, or $15,000.00 and $75.00 a week?  The principles would really apply on any scale.  But this model account will run beginning with the above $500.00 and $25.00 model.

However naturally, we are talking about disposable income here for the purposes of this Model account.  This is not money someone will need to pay a bill in a month or two.  This is not money that has been loaned out.  This is completely disposable money.

Now, what to buy first?

Not so fast.

Let’s talk first about what we’ve already gained and what benefits we already have working for us.

Benefits already?  Yes.  In the form of cash.

I know a lot of people may think they have ‘cash’ all figured out.  “It’s not paying a lot of interest at the moment, and you have to put to that cash to work, that’s what investors do with cash“.  Honestly?  That’s one of those ‘idioms’ that is often repeated ad naseum in the markets, but there is more to it than that.

Cash can also provide stability to overall portfolio.  We demonstrate this, with the following video in our playlist series of videos on this account of Sharpe Income.

We’d like to make this a regular Monday feature of Sharpe Trade.  Naturally, if we have to make an adjustment at any point throughout the week, or something more to do, we will do so.

For this week?  I have no purchases planned for my own personal Fixed Income account, and therefore, no purchases planned for Sharpe Income

So for this week?  The Sharpe Income Model account has $500.00

No purchases planned for today.

We continue “Sharpe Income” with our next entry that you can find here ….

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  1. Edgar December 2, 2014 at 1:26 am - Reply

    It would be awesome if you could go over the process of choosing the businesses your are going to invest in…

  2. Vlada December 3, 2014 at 4:14 pm - Reply

    Slow and steady wins the race I’ve heard it said many times. Can’t wait to see how this grows over time.

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